Location, Lodging and FAQ

What is the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is an educational endeavor by the owners of Chesapeake Reconstruction Services and Rainbow International of Northeastern Maryland.

Our mission is to provide education continuing education to those related to the insurance restoration field- to those in Property and casualty area in need CE credits and a desire to learn from the leading restoration firm in the area. As an IICRC certified firm, we seek to educate our employees through continuing education and certification programs.

We are passionate about engaging, hands on education, and believe that by educating each other through our own experiences and knowledge, we raise the bar for all None of the classes we teach are boring—really!

Our goal is to engage, to teach and to listen.

How to get here

BWI or Baltimore Washington International airport is about a 50 minute trip from here.

PHL or Philadelphia Airport is about 90 minutes drive south from the city of brotherly love.

Where to stay

Harford County is a great place to visit. We are a county of about 250 thousand friendly folks. Rural in character, we still have all of the amenities you can find in real suburbia, but you can find your way to cornfields ten minutes from anywhere. Visit our tourism site, and come early or stay late. We recommend lodging in the 543/ 95 area or ‘Riverside’ area of Harford County. 543 is the state road that goes north/south of our facility in Bel Air. These hotels are a nice 15 minute trip from the facility. Hotels at the 24/95 interchange could make a good second choice.

There are several good hotels very close by.

Where to eat:


  • JDs Smokehouse is a neat little place across the street from the community college.  Try the Brisket


Still in Bel Air, but in the northern section. This is the area the Learning Lab is located in

  • The Lodge is just down the street from the facility.  Good food and a well decorated bar
  • Waffle House in Hickory (3/8 of a mile from the facility) is just good breakfast.  Get your potatoes smothered, covered, chunked and peppered, and tell me they are not the best you’ve had. If you cant handle that, there is a McDonalds next door.  I hear the coffee is hot.

Bel Air

(The County seat) is straight down route one from Hickory, going south. Formerly a town where they would roll the sidewalks after 6 pm, it is now a fun town full of establishments offering great food, entertainment, and a multitude of available beverages. All in our safe, small, welcoming town.

  • Sean Bolan’s in Bel Air is the favorite watering hole of your host.  Bolans is a small local Irish bar that serves up twenty varieties of hops on tap and excellent pub food. Your host could be found at this bar on occasion.
  • MaGerk’s is another Irish themed pub.  Lots of choices for beer.  Get the Philly Cheese steaks with the cheese wiz sauce.
  • The Orient Restaurant is great Chinese and sushi.  Get the independence roll and General Tsos chicken.  The cold noodle dish is fantastic.
  • Outback Steak House has some of the best steaks in town, mate.  Get the filet rare over the grill.
  • Bonefish has great martinis and fine food.  Get the bang-bang shrimp and pistachio encrusted rockfish.  Pay the extra two bucks and get the blue-cheese filled olives.  Ask for three.
  • Buontempo Brothers Pizza: Richard and Renato crank out the best pizza and subs in the county. Get the meat-lovers with mushrooms, hot peppers and onions.


Home of Aberdeen Proving Ground, and the boyhood home of the Iron Man, Cal Ripken. If you’re here during the baseball season, take in a game at the Orioles minor league team, the Aberdeen Iron Birds


  • Box Hill Crab Cakes / Pizzeria:  go there for just the crab cakes.  They ship these softball-sized gems all over the country.  Broiled only if you want the best.  Buy the best and cry only once; then make a fan at home and have some shipped back frozen.

What is your cancellation policy?

See our cancellation policy here.

Multiple discounts

Learning in groups with folks you work with is a great way to learn and collaborate. We do offer a discount depending upon the number of folks attending from your firm. Call or email us to see what we can do for your group.

Certificates or registration fees for testing

Anyone registered for the IICRC classes must register/pay for the certification exam prior to taking the class (In-Person or LiveStream).  Click here to register for the Certification Exam.

Things to Do

Come early and stay late! There are a multitude of things to do that might keep a spouse busy while you are cramming information in at the Learning Lab. Visit our local tourism site!

Transportation, distance from airport

How do I get here and where the heck is Bel Air, Maryland? This is a great place to visit, we are just 25 minutes from Baltimore. Look here!

BWI or Baltimore Washington International airport is about a 50 minute trip from here.

PHL or Philadelphia Airport is about 90 minutes drive south from the city of brotherly love.

How early can I get in?

Classes typically start at 8 am. If you need some one on one time with the instructor, see if you can make arrangements to do this at their convenience. The facility typically is opens as early as 7:30 am. Hotel check-ins are up to the individual hotel, so you may want to check ahead.

Got wireless?

You betcha. Look for the Learning Lab network. The password and networks are posted in the facility.

Special Needs

The facility can accommodate those with accessibility issues via a stair glide machine that provides access to the second floor where the class facility is located. Depending upon the class and hands on work, you may find yourself moving up and down the stairs several times to use our applied works area.

I have to make a flight; can I leave early?

You can leave early! Just don’t count on getting credit. Make arrangements with your instructor if this is a potential problem. Maryland CE classes require that you remain for the entire three hours for a three credit class. We work hard to maintain our permission to teach these accredited classes. Please do not ask us to get our of the class early. You must sign in and out for the CE class. We will facilitate the Prometrics credit application to your CE requirements

What else do I need?

If there are particular needs to the class, we will let you know. We recommend laptop or tablet devices. Don’t forget your charger!

Phones / Laptops

We do have wireless available for your phone and or laptop.  Please see our policy regarding phone use in the classroom area.  Be sure to bring your charger and perhaps a short extension cord, if needed.

What is good attire?

Ties are forbidden, dress to be comfortable, yet professional and don’t wear something your wife or significant other will grouse at you about if you come home with dirty knees or the occasional smear of soot or category III water on you.